Let’s Stand Together Against Hate

Speech that belittles or demonizes a demographic, ethnic, or religious group should be a firing offense for a public official, regardless of how high the official is.  Ms. Greene fooled the people of the 14th district the first time, and it is fair to say that we did not know who she was.  Shame on her.

If she fools us a second time in the 2022 election, shame on us.  She has supported Q Anon, called President Biden a Communist, accused the Rothchild family of setting fire to California with Space Lasers, stated that masking requirements during the pandemic are equivalent to the Nazi racial purity laws and recklessly accused the opposition political party of Pedophilia.  This kind of fraudulent accusation, whether attributed to Q or simply arising from her own Fever Dream, is the essence of Hate Speech.  This is Joe McCarthy on steroids.

We have free speech in this country.  It is guaranteed in the first amendment to the US Constitution.  We do not, however, need to tolerate this kind of loony and dangerous person holding Federal Office.  Regardless of who is being demonized or discriminate against, Jews know how it ends when the lone wolves on the extreme right are allowed to organize into packs and roam freely with cover from a political organization.

The 14th Georgia District is smarter than that and better than that.  “We won’t get fooled again.”

–Charles D. Lutin, MD

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