Israel/Middle East Position

Israel and Middle East Position Paper –

Regional Stability and Security

America is more secure with a strong and secure Israel. The US and Israel face growing instability and chaos throughout the Middle East, and Israel is our best and most reliable ally in the region. Accordingly, America provides Israel with annual security assistance and sells Israel our most advanced weaponry to help it defend itself against mounting threats across the region. The United States must continue to help ensure Israel’s substantial military edge. Israel has not been the aggressor in any of the wars in the Middle East region and has only countered when its own civilian population has been attacked.  Furthermore, missile defense technology cooperation saves countless lives and benefits both countries, as well as allowing negotiation and de-escalation to occur when Israel’s Arab neighbors do initiate attacks. Robust funding of America’s annual assistance commitment to Israel advances U.S. interests as it enables the Jewish state to address these mounting threats and to protect its civilian population.

The unique U.S.-Israel friendship is a mutually beneficial partnership that reinforces America’s moral, political and strategic interests. The US-Israel partnership is constantly growing and expanding across a broad spectrum, including science, technology, military hardware, health, energy, water, and information technology. Enhanced bilateral cooperation allows America to meet our own challenges in these and other sectors. Israel has developed significant advances in the fields of computer hardware, software, and cyber-security, which have been shared with the US to the advantage of the US.  The United States must work to develop and expand the breadth and depth of cooperation in all fields, including governmental and industrial entities, emphasizing Israel’s role as a world-leading strategic and industrial partner.

Promoting Democracy

Since its founding in 1948, Israel has modelled Democratic processes and institutions throughout a region that is characterized by mainly autocratic governments.  Israel signed historic peace agreements with the Bahrain, United Arab Emirates (UAE), Morocco, joining Egypt and Jordan in paving the path to peace through recognition and engagement rather than prolonging the conflict by seeking to isolate and cast Israel in the role of villain. The fact is that Democratic nations seldom go to war with other Democracies, and America can play a vital role in creating a lasting peace—including a durable two-state agreement between Israel and the Palestinians. A viable two-state agreement is only attainable if America’s stands as a guarantor of the security and viability of Israel, and the Jewish state knows it can take risks for peace because its ally and partner stands behind Israel’s agreements, policies, and security.

Friends Indeed

The unique relationship of Israel and the United States has stood the test of time since Harry S Truman announced the US recognition of Israel ten minutes after the formation of the state in 1948.  We have provided financial assistance and security assistance to Israel through several regional wars and skirmishes, and we continue to do so.  In return, Israel has curbed the aggressive tendencies of governments and militias that have sought to destabilize the region and overrun Israel or the other Arab States.  Israel, for only one example, conducted an air strike that neutralized Saddam Hussein’s nuclear ambitions, when a nuclear reactor was under construction and nearing completion near Baghdad.  Israel has also set Iran’s nuclear program back for several years by hacking the centrifuge software and causing most of the centrifuges to self-destruct.  We stand together with Israel in permanent opposition to Iran’s ambition to develop and deploy atomic weapons, which would destabilize the region to an unthinkable extent.  We also stand against Iran’s export of Terrorism in the form of armed militias recruiting and advocating for Iran’s ambition to become the hegemon of the Arab world.

As the two countries in the world with the largest Jewish populations, we stand apart and we stand together.  If the United States stands, so shall Israel.

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